Jordan Brooke Spindel

September 19 - 24, 2005

Sunrise over the king & queen

Mom is ready

Check out those contractions

Mom on the phone - does she ever put it down?

Dad is tired - he's been here since 5am!

Everyone is waiting for Jordan's arrival

Dad has been here so long, he thinks he's a doctor!

Still waiting . . .

Finally, the wait is over!

I'm here!!!

My first trip to the scale

Daddy has big hands

My first bed - glad I don't have to spend too much time here!

Mommy is very happy that I've arrived!

Daddy is too!

Let the phone calls begin

PopPop and Aunt Michelle

My fan club.  Wow - am I lucky!

PopPop and Mema (Krebs) Poppy and Nana (Spindel) Mommy said something funny
Everyone likes to give me kisses Daddy gives me Eskimo kisses Nana and Poppy can't get enough of me
Aunt Joy, Aunt Kacie and Me Me, Mommy and Aunt Bobo Aunt Jenny, Uncle Greg and Me
Aunt Alyson and Me Aunt Jenny and Me Aunt Jana, Uncle Brian and Me
My cousin Belinda and Me Uncle Lee and Me Aunt Cherie and Me

Go Jackets!

Daddy loves to kiss me

Daddy borrowed my booties

Dressed to go home

My first car ride

My brother Bear was waiting for me when I got home

Aunt Michelle got me balloons And made me a sign Bear is checking me out

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