Bear B. Spindel

November 5, 1994 - October 17, 2005

Here are some of our favorite memories of him.

Its hard to believe he started out so small Before he could shred a tennis ball in 3 seconds flat Proud Papa
What a cute puppy! Bear and Sam - best friends Bear loved to swim!
King of the hood Mommy loves Bear! Catching some air
Daddy kisses Bear - Jared watches (and laughs) Piper, Marley and Bear celebrate Marley's 1st birthday Getting some fresh air
Bear shares his ice cream with Piper Bear eats his own ice cream (what happened to Piper?!?) Bear eats his birthday cake
Bear's favorite spot Another favorite place Chillin' in the yard
Bear and Marley posing for the camera Sometimes Mommy could not find Bear because he blended in with the couch so well Bear loved to cuddle on the floor with Daddy
Bear likes Mommy's slippers Bear's "Bark Mitzvah" Meloch Dov is his hebrew name, it means King Bear
Bear and Daddy hangin' out Bear rests on Mommy's big belly Bear and his friend Marley
Bear in his "running shoes" Bear meets his little sister Bear guards his little sister


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