Jordan Brooke

Week 8

November 8 - 14, 2005


Daddy is playing football - I'm coaching him Mema came to visit So did Aunt Bobo
I'm just hangin out Daddy and I take a nap together - he makes a great pillow! I don't know what I was doing here but Aunt Michelle thought it needed to be captured on film.
Aunt Michelle dressed me in this cute outfit Another week of Bama football - the shoes weren't lucky this week Mommy, Daddy and I watched the Falcons game
All dressed up for Mema's birthday party I even got a new bib! Me and Mema
Nana and Poppi came in to surprise Mema - I was so happy to see them Me with my parents and grandparents I'm 8 weeks old today!
Do you like my Pooh outfit? I do - can't you tell by my big smile? Whew, all that picture taking wore me out!

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