Jordan Brooke

Week 7

November 1 - 7, 2005


Mommy and Daddy love to kiss me! I love my Daddy! And my Mommy too!
Hmm, I think I like bath time Still pondering . . . I'm Daddy's little girl
Me and Daddy Apparently both of my parents rock (see week 5) My Nana came to see me
I love it when she holds me Poppi came too And so did Uncle Kevin
I don't think Nana put me down the whole time she was here.  Oh, and look how strong my neck is! Bradley and Aunt Wendy came to watch Alabama football with us Roll Tide!
Its all about the lucky shoes! I'm a Falcons fan too (and a cute one at that) Daddy fed me dinner
I like to nap in Daddy's lap Don't I look comfortable?!? Who woke me up?!?
I'm 7 weeks old today Here's a shot without the bib (Mommy later found out that was a big mistake) One of the diapers from Mommy's shower - apparently I love Widespread Panic

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