Jordan Brooke

Week 50

August 29 - September 4, 2006


This week was great! Nana and Poppi came in town and we celebrated my first birthday a few weeks early - we had a blast!
PopPop and I are rowing Me and my Poppi Me and my Daddy
I got to sit between Nana and Poppi at dinner Poppi, I'm tired! I like to bang the spoons together - luckily the restaurant was loud so no one else really noticed
Come on Mommy, we're walkin! Reading my Alabama book Roll Tide!
My seat at my party My first birthday cake This hat is silly
Everyone is wearing these silly hats Me and my parents I love to give Mommy hugs (she loves it too!)
I like my party hat And my balloon Aunt Mimi had a funny noise maker
They also made me wear this silly tiara on my head OK, somebody feed me Hmm, what is this
It tastes sweet I think I like it I like it so much I'm going to shovel it in my mouth
Shoveling from another angle Still going And going
And going Hey - where did it go? I want it back!!
I did some damage to my little cake! All cleaned up and ready to play. I love my new table from Nana and Poppi. It even has little chairs that are my size
And I got a new peek-a-poo book - thats one of my favorite games! Mema and PopPop gave me a popcorn popper to help me learn to walk Hmmm
Oooh, that looks like fun Aunt Mimi got me a walk behind toy I can also ride it, yeaaaaa (see me clapping?)
I love it - thank you Aunt Mimi! Nana gives me kisses And Poppi plays in my house with me
They caught me eating breakfast I like to drink from a glass too Me and my Aunt Mimi
Mommy and Daddy made a Jordan Sandwich Daddy is tickling me I'm sooooooooooooo big!


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