Jordan Brooke

Week 48

August 15 - 21, 2006


I laugh a lot now! I'm clapping Mommy's hands for her Like my cute shirt? Nana got it for me.
Me and my Mommy I got to meet my cousin Carolyn this weekend - we had fun! The chair?  Again?
I'm 11 months old - can you believe it?!? And just in case you were wondering, I still like to pull everything off of the shelves on my changing table I'm getting much better at standing.  I can actually do it without holding on for a few seconds, but its very hard to catch on film!
Me and My Daddy, sharing a moment. I met my cousin Sari too And I wished Belinda well before she left for college (IU)
Me and Sari playing Daddy and I practiced walking I see them, I want to eat them . . .
mmmmm, blocks I'm 48 weeks old today I think this might be it for the chair pictures [Mommy is holding my foot for anyone who is concerned that I'm going to fall - she would never let that happen!!]


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