Jordan Brooke

Week 47

August 8 - 14, 2006


I'm relaxing with my feet up Practicing my touchdowns - Roll Tide! Hangin' out, eatin' Cheerios
Resting on Mommy's shoulder - Mommy's favorite thing! Mema, can I pick the flowers? Daddy and I were playing in my house
This is a nice stack of books on the table. But I think they would look better on the floor! And this remote should be mine too . . .
I saw Micah (and Aunts Kacie and Joy) this weekend And I met Martin Engel - he is my friend Grace's Uncle Mommy put a kippah on my head - I thought it was funny!
Me and my Daddy Close up! Aunt Kacie makes me laugh!
Sure, I'll have some beer Yummy, watermelon! What can I reach for next?
Doggie!!! I love to give him hugs! I'm 47 weeks today.  See you next week.


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