Jordan Brooke

Week 46

August 1 - 7, 2006


Why do they always catch me sleeping?!? Here Aunt Mimi, have a Cheerio And we can eat them together.
Mema, you are tickling my feet with your story of the piggies I gave Aunt Mimi I a BIG wet kiss Actually, I gave her a few of them - it made her laugh!!
Looks like I'm headed across the table! Aunt Mimi and I were rowing I like to stand in my house
I move side to side And I only need one hand to support me Touchdown!  I'm gettin' ready for football season (not sure what's up with that tongue though)
I like to help my bear clap his hands His face is soft Me and my Daddy
Daddy makes a great pillow! Guess who is selling Sally Foster this year?!? Click here if you'd like to buy some and click here to get my seller number


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