Jordan Brooke

Weeks 44 & 45

July 18 - 31, 2006


I took a bath in the kitchen sink - not sure why, but it was fun What's that over there? I cuddled with Uncle Greg after my bath - he makes a great pillow!
My first tooth brush I'm 10 months old today Better take it fast before I grab those blocks!
Guess where I'm headed?!? I'm learning to brush my teeth And I can sit in my stool
Mommy loves to give me kisses! Whoah! My pat-a-cake bear makes me laugh!
Mommy thinks my feet look cute when I sit like this! Me and my duckie standin' in my crib Playin' in the laundry basket
Me and my Aunt Mimi Aren't we cute?!? My t-shirt says we are! I like to cuddle with my doggie
"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" Reading a book at Mema and PopPop's house  I can watch Elmo from my "house"
Playing the piano Me and PopPop On my tip toes I can reach PopPop's nose
Sam came to visit me this weekend - we had so much fun! Me and my Daddy Uncle Jon came too
I'm too sleepy for a photo shoot I'm not too sleepy to laugh though! 45 weeks today - time to eat the blocks!


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