Jordan Brooke

Week 43

July 11 - 17, 2006


My new favorite past time . . . Playing with all of my diapers (at least they are the clean ones) Mmmmmmmmm, block
Giving Daddy kisses Uh, this thing is empty - whats up with that? I can climb on my stool - I like put the back down and up
I love my drum! I think this could be a sign for the future . . . I'm practicing my fine motor skills by picking up tiny pieces of whatever I can find on the floor
I think I dropped something down there Let me have that camera! Snuggling with my wooby
Yes? Hmm, what can I get into now?!? Standing again . . .
I see something that I want . . . And I got him! I love my Doggy
I'm 43 Weeks today Are we done with the posing? OSHA says I get a break from being cute! Gnawing on my fingers - think I'm teething?!?


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