Jordan Brooke

Weeks 41 & 42

June 27 - July 10, 2006


Hi! Long time no update. These past 2 weeks have been great! I went to Virginia Beach for July 4th and saw a lot of family and friends - we had a great time! I've learned all sorts of new tricks- I hope you enjoy the lengthy update this week.
I think this speaks for itself One more . . . And then again - I mean, what am I thinking?!?
Standin' on the couch I'm getting into everything now And pulling myself up anywhere I can
This bed is comfy - you sure I can't sleep in here with you guys?!? Uncle Lee and Aunt Ellen came over - they let me eat the remote (just kidding - its mine to eat all I want) My first trip on MARTA
What you talking 'bout Mema?!? Jillian and I played together She gave me kisses
And we held hands and rowed the boat (row, row, row your boat) Whew, this drive to Jane and Lenny's really wore me out! I had to have a snack on the way
We had lunch in Corolla - that was exciting! I was happy to see my cousin George again! We rowed the boat too (see me rowing?)
I gave him 5 And a big hug before bedtime Happy 4th of July
Like my new bathing suit? My first time in the pool I really enjoyed it (plus this shark tastes great!)
Daddy and I played in the pool too David Gilbert read me a book (although I don't think there were any words in it) I love it when Poppi gives me bottles!
John Davis and I played together My mommy and his mommy are old friends Daddy likes to tickle my tummy
Yes Nana, I really did make people wait 2 whole weeks for my next update Where's Jordan? Peek-a-boo (I learned this new game this week, and yes, I can move the blanket all by myself)
I'm lounging in my stroller on MARTA I've started hugging my stuffed animals Not sure why that requires an open mouth though
Mmmmmmmmmmmm blocks Let me get them . . . Wait, I can't reach them up there!?!


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