Jordan Brooke

Week 4

October 11 - 17, 2005


Milk drunk No milk coming out of here - what's up with that?!? Mommy's hand is a lot bigger than mine
Bath time (although I look like I am about to sneeze) Oooh, bright light Can you guys stop taking pictures and get on with it - its cold in here!
All clean - I'm happy now Me just being cute (I do that a lot) This is how I sleep - check out my noise machine - it rains every night in my room
Daddy is posing me for the camera - hi Nana I'm exhausted - time for a nap Mommy and Me
Mommy, Bear and Me Go Falcons! Finally, Mommy captured a smile on camera!
More of me and Mommy Daddy gives the best bottles! Me sleeping - I do this a lot
I'm 4 weeks old today I'm not really comfortable in this chair I like this though . . .

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