Jordan Brooke

Week 37

May 30 - June 5, 2006


Roll Tide! I took a bath at Mema and PopPop's house Do you like my hair?
Naked girl! And we're off! Someone had fun with the camera during bath time!
I had my baby naming this weekend My Nana was here . . . but that's not me?!?! It's my friend Grace Aunt Bobo makes me laugh!
Me and My Daddy and Mommy Me and Mommy and Aunt Mimi Bradley and Wendy Amato (and me and Mommy of course)
Daddy and I took a nap (although he's the only one sleeping here) Aunt Mimi made me the coolest toy - there are so many different things to touch and play with (and put in my mouth of course!) Whew, I'm exhausted - relaxing on Mommy and drinking a bottle while she tries to eat her dinner
I'm a happy girl! Because I'm 37 weeks And I've got my pink dog!


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