Jordan Brooke

Week 36

May 23 - 29, 2006


I had a big week this week - I started crawling, I started eating table food and my first 2 teeth are coming in!

Do I look cool in Daddy's sunglasses? My first time eating puffs I'm concentrating on the man cooking dinner at our hibachi table - I was enthralled
Bradley was there too I'm getting good at picking up food And putting it in my mouth
I got some jello in my hair at school (look closely - its standing straight up) Me and Aunt Mimi outside in the hot sun Me and my Daddy at Belinda's graduation
Graduations are boring ;) Me and my Mema and PopPop I'm a present!
I learned to crawl this week Better pay attention I move fast!
Hey I love dinner before bathtime I have a feeling we'll see this one again - now all they need is a toilet picture and we'll be ready for the rehearsal dinner video!
Blocks please! I'm so excited to be 36 weeks old! This might be it for the blocks . . .


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