Jordan Brooke

Week 35

May 16 - 22, 2006


Mommy and Daddy found me sleeping like this one night I'm a happy girl Because I'm 8 months old (can you believe that!?!?)
And because I got a block!! Mommy caught me by surprise with this one! I can get up on all fours
And I look like I'm crawling . . . but I'm not My Mommy loves me I gave her a kiss
They also found me sleeping like this I think I'm looking up at Daddy Roll Tide - Aunt Alyson let me wear her visor
I met Grace Engle this week - she is so pretty! We sucked our fingers together And I met her parents, Jennifer and Lee
Mommy and Daddy also found me like this a few times - apparently I can sit up on my own I'm 35 weeks old and eating another block And here I go for another one - I'm not sure how much longer you'll see these blocks!


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