Jordan Brooke

Week 30

April 11 - 17, 2006


I celebrated my first Passover this week and I got to meet a lot of new people!  And Nana and Poppi came to have sedar with us.

Um, excuse me - something is missing from this picture! That's better!  Me and Aunt Mimi (I can't say Michelle yet) and all of the fun toy's that she got me for my first Passover Me and Helen Ruth - I was so happy to meet her!
But Joani didn't let her hold me long! This is the shank bone - it goes on the sedar plate You are right, this matzo doesn't taste very good!
Finally something I can enjoy on my first Passover Me and my mommy Shoshanna and I played
And Aunt Sherri taught me all about the 4 cups of wine And she put a kippah on me. I was too busy chewing on my tongue to smile though. Daddy finally got to hold me!
And I got to meet Arielle! You talkin to me?!? Whew, all those sedars wore me out!
I took a long nap! Now its time to play again! Now that I've mastered sitting up - I have all these new toys to play with!
Uncle Brian - get your guitar, I'm almost ready to start a band! Its that time again . . . I'm 30 weeks old!
But these blocks don't go here And this one goes in my mouth  


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