Jordan Brooke

Week 29

April 4 - 10, 2006


I can hold my bottle all by myself Mema and PopPop make me laugh No PopPop, its like this . . .
Aunt Kacie couldn't believe how big I am! Aunt Becky is practicing Aunt Joy - look how tall I am!
Aunt Cherie is practicing too! Aunt Wendy doesn't need practice Mommy thinks I look adorable in this hat!
So, Aunt Joy - you are going to take us to T-town in your new RV?!? Roll Tide! I like my phone - I haven't figured out how to talk on it, but it sure tastes good! I like my new high chair - is it time to eat?
I'm sitting up on my own Something interesting is on TV! Daddy bought me this cute shirt and a putter at the Masters
Look how tall I am! I'm 29 weeks old today (and I'm so excited about it!) mmmmmm, pink dog


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