Jordan Brooke

Week 22

February 14 - 20, 2006


I had a big week this week!  I tried rice cereal for the first time and I visited the Georgia Aquarium.

Uncle Greg makes me laugh This is me all clean This is me eating rice cereal for the first time
It was good The part that got in my mouth that is. I'm 5 months old today
Yeah, I think that's funny too! Look at my cute shirt that Aunt Michelle's friend Lynne gave her. Aunt Michelle thinks I'm a princess
Mema, look at the fish. No, they are behind you! Daddy, this place is cool! Where did all these fish come from?
Mema bought me a purse Hmm, what's in here?!? OOOh, its Deepo - that fish from the aquarium
I'm 22 weeks today! Are you serious?!? What is this, the ark?!?

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