Jordan Brooke

Week 20

January 31 - February 6, 2006


Mommy and Daddy went to Costa Rica for a few days and I got to stay with Mema and PopPop - that was a lot of fun, but I think Costa Rica would have been more fun.  Maybe next time I'll get to go.

Sleeping with my new found friend - Mr. Bunny Now I'm awake I just discovered my tongue - see I am sticking it out
Aunt Michelle makes me smile PopPop makes me smile too Yeah, Mommy and Daddy are home!!
Mema bought me a new outfit Aunt Jana wanted to show it off My pouty face captured on film - finally
Now I'm smiling Aunt Sherri and Shoshanna came to visit I told her all about the first 4 months of my life
Look how strong I am, I can hold my own bottle (once its almost empty) That looks much better than all that milk I've been drinking! I'm 20 weeks old today!
There's that dog - let me put it right in my mouth Hey dog - we've been doing this for 20 weeks - can you believe its been that long?!? Yummy fingers!
This dog makes a good pillow Body pillow You put your right foot in (the mouth that is)

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