Jordan Brooke

Week 15

December 27, 2005 - January 2, 2006

PopPop and I were hangin' out We lit the Hanukkah candles at Mema and PopPop's house I'm sitting up all by myself (sort of)
Marley Melamut came to see me I like to pet her Mommy and I took a nap together
Happy New Year!! I enjoyed my first New Years! I like to play with my feet
I just figured out how to grasp things And put them in my mouth I like to watch the candles burn
Daddy and I were chillin in the big chair Game day - this outfit is almost too small - look how much I've grown since the first time I wore it I'm 15 weeks old today
Check out my cute jeans and my new denim jacket Aunt Jana makes me smile See?
My first trip to Dreamland. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ribs Aunt Jana and Uncle Brian played with me And I got to meet Katz

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