Jordan Brooke

Week 13

December 13 - 19, 2005


I had a baby naming in Virginia Beach this week

More bath pictures I love baths Daddy bought me the cutest hat and mittens - I'm a little bear!
I'm smiling at Mema and Daddy is kissing my neck Family portrait In black and white
In sepia George is holding my hand Now he's touching my face
Daddy is kissing my chin Poppi and I are hangin out The family
No pictures during feedings please. Nana and I are having so much fun talking about shopping Daddy is strong!  He can hold me and my cousin Jillian!
Another family portrait In case I forget my name Mommy loves my cute dress!
Jillian loves baby Jordan Me and Steph spent some QT together - we had an appointment Aunt Jane wants to know when I am coming to Corolla
I love my new hat I am 13 weeks old today I'm also 3 months old today

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