Jordan Brooke

Week 10

November 22 - 28, 2005


Aunt Sally came to see me So did Michelle And she brought Jillian
Jillian held my hand And gave me kisses Mommy thinks I look cute in my coat, but I'm not sure I like it
I went to see Stephanie I got to meet Aunt Jane I liked it when she held me
Trish and I played on the floor together Daddy got to hold me for a minute George and Crystal came to see me too
George held me - I liked that Wait a minute - I'm not in this picture - how did that happen!?!? Aunt Erin came to see me too
She brought John - he is a lot bigger than me - isn't he cute?!? Uncle Blood (aka Steve) came to see me too Stephanie, I have a question . . .
I liked sleeping in Rachel's arms Her mommy (Karen) came too So did her daddy (Mark)
Katie came by also - I think I was watching Nemo though Daddy, George and I played And George held me more
Mommy dressed me up for Thanksgiving I like getting dressed up! Daddy and Poppi gave me kisses
Me and My Daddy Crystal and I played too My first Thanksgiving dinner - I think I had too much Tryptophan
Nana makes me laugh! Brenda came to see me And she brought Abbey
Pollie and John came to see me too I'm 10 weeks old today! And I think that's funny
Look how high I can pick up my head! And as a reward, I get to suck my thumb I've become a master thumb sucker - I hope Mommy and Daddy are saving for braces!

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