Jordan Brooke

September, 2007


We went to the Tech football game with Mema and PopPop It was hot, but we had a great time! This chair is HUGE!
Bradley and I hung out at the zoo me :) Do these shoes fit me?
Helping Mommy clean Watch out, here I come Uncle Kevin came to visit
Roll Tide Daddy! Cheese I went to Barri's birthday party at the park
I didn't really like this thing  But I loved the swing Higher Daddy!
That's not really what I meant I got a bike for my birthday - I was a happy girl! Hi Poppi
I don't think I should be doing this, but its really fun! I'd like one of those please Mommy I'll just take this one over here
Yummy! I love my Doggie A kiss on the nose for doggie
I'm 2 today - can you believe it?!? I had a lot of fun at Bradley's birthday party! Mommy and I went on this giant slide a million times
Here I go again I went down once by myself - it was great! Hal came to visit - its always great to see him!
I got this cool easel for my birthday Hangin' out, watchin' Elmo More Elmo
I can peal my own bananas Aunt Mimi took me to a Chili Cook-off - it was fun! I also got a microphone
I want to be a rock star! Don't I look like a pro?!? Don't worry - I'll remember you when I'm famous!


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