Jordan Brooke

September, 2006


I've had a great month - I turned 1 and I started to walk.  Click here to see me walking.
I'm 1 year old today! See? 1 block Ohh, what is this?!? This looks like fun!
Here Daddy, I can read the instructions for you Looks like we did a good job of putting this together I love my new toy!
Can we get on with this meal?  I'm exhausted! Like my sailor dress I wore for Rosh Hashannah? I played with PopPop at the table
It was great to see Aunt Joy And Aunt Alyson too (not sure why I'm making this funny face!) OK, time to walk
We're walking And walking He he, this is fun!
Time to take a juice break Hey - I can't reach that way up there (but I'm sure gonna try) See ya later.
I had eggs this week - you can probably tell by all of the pieces on the floor that I don't really like them (yet). Daddy let me wear his hat I think its a little big on me!
I found my Bumbo seat I think I'm a little big for it Aunt Mimi, this turtle is silly!


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