Jordan Brooke

October, 2007


October was a great month! We celebrated my 2nd birthday and Halloween too. Get comfy!

Aunt Bobo and I had dinner I'm playing Uncle Jeff's guitar Help me Uncle Lee (pronounced "yeee")
Wheeee Barri, where are you? Paige and I were bouncing on the trampoline
The bubbles were a big hit Everyone loved to try to catch them They kept us entertained for a while
I got to ride in a car Then it was time for cake I'm just going to grab this little piece right here
Everyone loved the cake Bradley used his fork, but not Max I'd rather use my fingers too!
Micah told me a secret Daddy showed me a new trick Like I'm not loud enough without this!
Me just being me Nana and I had a snack And then we all made a toast at my tea party
Me and my grandparents Poppi fell asleep But I woke him up
We went to a Pumpkin Patch Me and my parents It was a beautiful day
I picked out this pumpkin Then I got in the wagon with the pumpkins One last pose before we leave
Nana and I traded sunglasses Nana watched me slide down the slide And Poppi and I watched the planes take off
Daddy and I rode on a plane I was doing some grocery shopping Elmo at my school's Halloween party
Me with Ms Marie Shaw and I got tatoos on our hands Elmo enjoys a lollipop
Mommy and Elmo I got hot from dancing so I took my costume off I think Shaw wanted a lollipop too, but all she had was her thumb
More dancing Am I a scary witch? Not sure what I'm doing here
I got a little messy eating dinner one night Wanna see my belly?!? What's inside that pumpkin Daddy?
Hello? Poppi? Yes, they put me in this Elmo suit again! Daddy and I relaxing on the couch
This time I'm just holding Elmo, not wearing him Monkey and I are going to start a band.  I'll take the lead. And he can sing back-up.


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