Jordan Brooke

October, 2006


Something doesn't look right here . . . Oh cool, what's in here?!? Its lipstick - thanks Aunt Joanne for my cool purse!
Uncle Brian and I played in my house I was very happy to see Aunt Jana! Hmm, let me see what I want to eat
Vroom, right between Daddy's legs Nava is a nice doggie - I like to pet her! I'm playing in my house
Me and my doggie in the chair - I know what this means I'm 13 months old today! Roll Tide!!
How big is Jordan . . . So big! Touchdown! What?
We had a Halloween party at school I wasn't really sure what was going on But I had fun anyway!
Pooh and Daddy Mema, what is the crazy hat??  
I like my phone Actually, I like any phone Excuse me, I'm on a call
I'm giving Daddy kisses But really I was just reaching for my Lady Bug I was biting my spoon and look what happened
MMMMMM, spoon My new favorite toy You talkin to me?!?
This doggie is funny - his tail wags Me and My Mommy Poppi, you are funny!
This is what you should have for dinner. Here Nana, have a Cheerio Nana makes me laugh too!
Nana and Poppi made a Jordan sandwich Trick or Treat do you really need a caption for every picture?
Me and my mom Here, you drive See you next month!


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