Jordan Brooke

OBX Family Vacation, 2008



We took a road trip to the beach.  It was so much fun spending time with my family!

I watched Dora in Daddy's car We took a ride on a luggage cart I like Poppi's hat (and being naked)
More naked John Davis came to play with me - his Daddy is strong! We had a great time playing together!
Reading Poppi a story Do I have something on my face? Baby Sydney came over - she's not a baby any more!
And Anna and I sat by the pool Jillian and I had fun playing together! And I got to meet Baby Max - isn't he cute?!?
Wake up Nana!  Its time to go to the beach! I showed George how to work the remote And Crys read me a story
Dennis, Crys and Mimi enjoying the deck Natalie, Olivia and I had water balloons Oops, I think Natalie's broke!
Daddy took me to the beach - my clothes got a little dirty, hence, more naked. Here is the house we stayed in.  13 adults, 5 kids and 3 dogs for a week - we had a blast! Even at the beach we can't get away from technology
I liked playing in the sand Poppi and I went for a swim Daddy caught a wave
Daddy burying me This is funny! Liam and I were digging too
Then I covered Natalie And Olivia too Look!  Over there!
Kisses for Daddy Now its time to bury him Whoa, he got out!
This water is cold! I like sitting on the beach and letting the water come to me Helping Dennis build a castle
I'll make the spires on top Look at the dolphins Mommy! I'm king of the world up here
Look at my muscles Kisses for Mommy We ate "worms and dirt" for dessert
OBX 2008 Images\OBX 2008_267.JPG
Rockin' Out with George Me and my Mimi Crys did our nails - they looked so pretty
We played dress up And made a yummy snack Natalie, Olivia and I cuddled on the couch and watched Dora
We made homemade ice cream Natalie and Olivia helped Rhona bake Lara's birthday cake And the boys decorated the house
I loved these baskets Was I hiding? Uncle Steve took us for a ride
It was funny! Then it was Olivia's turn Base camp on the beach
Natalie I didn't get very far Crys and George
The girls - we had so much fun playing together! George took me for a walk We had our own Olympic Ceremonies
There were prizes for the most improved at Guitar Hero The dogs even got medals Mine was for being the most independent (or something like that).


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