Jordan Brooke

November, 2007


Another great month! I went to Virginia Beach for Thanksgiving and had a great time with my family!

Its time to take the food out of the oven I'll pose for you Daddy But only for a minute, then I'm off!
Look at this cool book that turns into a fire engine Thanks Audrey - I love it!! Me and my Poppi before his surprise party - neither one of us knew about it
Me and my cousin Jillian Daddy was cooling me off (see the vent in front of my face?) Happy Birthday Poppi!
Me with my Nana and Poppi Mommy and me There was a singing chicken - Crys took me to meet him
George and I had fun together And it was great to see Aunt Jane! I had so much fun seeing everyone - I wonder why I was hiding under this table?!?
Crys came over and read to me I was posing with Suy Playing football at the park
I love the park! This one has great slides And things to drive
And a VERY big hill that I climbed (I really did!) But Daddy had to carry me down George was tickling me
But I got him back! I love my singing bear - thank you Aunt Jane! I put my baby in Sydney's carrier
Daddy and I shared a pillow And we rubbed noses Phew, I was exhausted!
We went to the Children's Museum - I pretended to work at the Grocery Store Nana and I rode a bus And I drove a firetruck
They had a bubble room - Daddy made one with me in it! And a fun slide And a bus to drive
All decked out in my Bama gear - Roll Tide! I love my new hat - too bad its 70 degrees here! I'm making dinner for my doll. She is a great eater - just like me!


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