Jordan Brooke

November, 2006


Its been a great month - I mastered walking, flew on a plane to see my family in Va Beach and I helped Mommy and Daddy pack up the house.
Nose I like Daddy's hat These look like fun toys
I'm learning to feed myself Sometimes the food actually gets in my mouth Hey - where did the oatmeal go?
Mommy and Daddy found me like this after a nap Can you say blackmail? Now I can help cook
Or I will just run around the house with the pot holders on How about I help pack? Um, I'm pretty sure you are supposed to put dishes in here . . .
I think Daddy's shirt is a little big for me Oh, there are my hands OK, I can do this
This doggie's tail wags and makes me giggle Another favorite toy - sometimes I put it on my head And sometimes I sit on it like a throne.
I don't think I like this! Here is another fun toy What? I'm looking for something to read
Roll Tide - OK, maybe not this year I'm 14 months old today And I'm very sleepy
On the plane, headed for Virginia Beach Nana had some really cool toys waiting for me Daddy - here are your shoes
John Davis came over to play I shared my toys with him And brought him his shoes
I'm riding the train - isn't that how it works?!? Me and my mommy and John and his mommy (Erin) Princess in training
Yummy popsicle Crys, I like this one the best Jillian gives good hugs!
And George gives good kisses So does Daddy! Me with George, Crys and Dennis
George's doggie licked my face Jillian and Jon and me Crys played in my house with me
Family photo Poppi and I hung out in his comfy chair I read George a book
Huh? Abbey taught me the ways of the world (its a good thing I can't understand a word he's saying) Nana, this is your eye
I'm wiping my baby's nose See? All clean Daddy gave me a ride
Nana let me wear her jacket This is fun! Here, I think it looks better on you


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