Jordan Brooke

May, 2008



May was a great month!  I'm sorry its taken me so long to post pictures, but hopefully these were worth the wait!

PopPop is strong! He flipped me over! This is my pouty face, but don't let it fool you, I'm not sad!
Me and my mommy I like to ride my horse and wear my Bama hat - Roll Tide! I've got a lot of stuffs in my hands.
Do you like this pretty picture I painted? Cousin Sherri was in town Arielle, Shoshana and Ben came too
Me just being me I like to nap on the couch We had a playdate with some girls from school.  Emmie and I shared the swing.
Daddy and I did too. Paige and I played in the sandbox Shaw and I thought it would be fun to swing backwards
Paige and Leah decide to join us I'm ready to go! Mommy and I went to see baby Reagan (Paolozzi)
And I played with Max We'll let you decide what happens next After a haircut
I went to play with Jack (Cayce) We had a great time! Frankie and I swam with our Dads
Mommy gave me a bath in the sink - silly Mommy! PopPop came over to play with me I got to play with Barri and Davis
Barri and I had fun together! But don't let all these smiles fool you, I really am a Drama Queen! I'm still sitting in this thing as if its a chair.
Bradley and I played in the pool And Erin and I ate popsicles Aunt Kacie came over too
I'm putting on my make-up Can you see the powder on my nose? This is Mommy's Mother's Day present - isn't it pretty?!?
More popsicles - yummy! Me and my Mommy again Goodbye!


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