Jordan Brooke

May, 2007



I went to my first Braves game - it was fun! Go Braves! Uncle Lee and Aunt Ellen came with us
Me and a giant baseball Me and my Daddy Time to go home
Aunt Mimi let me wear her hat Uncle Greg and I played together I had to show him how to put my sock and shoe on
Me and my Mommy Aunt Bobo makes me laugh! She and I had fun together!
I'm hiding (bet you'll never find me) I don't know why I needed to sit in 2 chairs I've discovered corn on the cob
Nana taught me how to blow bubbles And she got me some cool shades Mommy helps me eat corn
And I help her eat it Me and my Poppi It makes me sad to say good bye!
In the chair again 20 mos - time flies! Blowing kisses
Bradley and I had a play date He's got some really cool toys - we had fun together! I like this new bubble machine that Mema got me - I can do it myself
I found a ball that I had to have Playing with my little people I'm very strong
See? Hangin' out in my chair Pool anyone?
Hello? Oooh, more bubbles! I've discovered that I can open doors on my own - scary!
Bubble and a ball?!?!  I'm in heaven! Me just being me Daddy and me in my house
Now you see me Now you don't Daddy was giving me a ride around the house
It was fun I like to climb on the couch and read my books I'm trying to change the channel (too bad that remote goes to a receiver we don't have any more)


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