Jordan Brooke

March, 2008



March was a great month - we got a dog!!  Her name is Kona and I love her!

Excuse me, I'm going to cook in my kitchen I got to play with Erin - isn't she cute?!!? And Bradley too!
We've both gotten so big! My great-grandma celebrated her 95th birthday and we had a party! I'm showing Mimi my pretty dress
All of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren (notice, there's not a boy in sight!!) Me and Belinda Eating the yummy cookie I made - there was "ice cream and rice on it" (aka frosting and coconut)
I rode a school bus to the Purim party That is Mommy's Papa OOh, I like this guy
I helped Mommy braid some Challah There were some pretty flowers outside Poppi got a kiss
And so did PopPop Sittin' on a rock, eatin' some snack I love my Mrs. Potato head!
Do these glasses fit me? Uncle Lee helped me put Mrs. Potato head together Uncle Lee and Aunt Ellen (and me of course)
This is Kona! I was trying to pet her and eat at the same time. Little did I know, all she wanted was my snack! Being silly I love my doggie
"Those are my toys over there, and you can't play with them" We are about the same size I like to give her kisses, and she is very patient while I do it!


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