Jordan Brooke

March, 2007


March was a great month.  I started talking a lot more - I'm repeating everything I hear, so you better watch what you say!

I love my Aunt Mimi (aka Shell now that I can talk) Me and my parents I like this little cup - its just my size!
Yeaaa, another day at the park! Here I come! That was fun!
Ready Daddy? OK, lets go again! Whats over there?
The air is blowing my hair! Mommy loves to give me kisses And I love to give her hugs!
I like to take off my shoes I think I'm doing my Monkey sounds here (there is also a hand motion) Playing with my doll house
Its pretty outside Can we go out there? OK, this is close enough
What? Like my new shades? Uncle Greg and I are hanging out in my house
Eating a burrito This is yummy! Me and Aunt Mimi again
Hello? Wait? How did Aunt Mimi get in the phone? I can hear you (but I'm still very confused)
I'm getting very good at feeding myself Daddy and I are playing in my house Let me show you how it works, Daddy.
Me and my doggie I'm 18 months old today And I"m still grabbing at the blocks
Doggie and I are drinking milk I love my doggie I take him everywhere!
I was blowing my nose And throwing away the kleenex (for real) Finally, a day at the pool!
We had a great time! I loved all of my toys There's Mommy (I'm pointing)
Me and my Mema This cold water tastes great! Me and my beach ball
We had dinner with the girls (and boys) Aunt Kacie let me wear her glasses Aunt Wendy, Aunt Joy, Max and Me
I wanted to lay on the changing pad on the floor while I waited for the doctor I've recently become interested in my red hat - I like to put it on and say "hat" See you next month - bye (I can say "bye" too)


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