Jordan Brooke

June, 2007



Daddy took me to the park I love the park! I was very focused on the slide
I love to press my face against the screen door - no one really knows why Somebody decided it would be funny if I took my shirt off I'm into hats lately
I was a little disheveled after my nap Hello? Hello? Yummy ice cream!
We went to the zoo I liked to look at the animals And give Daddy kisses
When I got tired, he gave me a ride I got very, very tired I got to pet the animals
And I got a close-up view of a Panda More riding And some brushing - I loved the zoo!
We got all dressed up and went to the top of a very tall building for dinner All of my grandparents were there And I put my foot on the table (will someone please teach me some manners?!?)
I like Mema's jell-o Think Aunt Mimi was scared of what happened next? It was just a kiss!
Daddy fed me fruit (from a VERY big spoon!) I went to Va Beach and saw my family - my cousin Jillian and I were inseparable She took me to see her baby sister
And helped me sit and read in Temple This is how they get me to stop running around A kiss for Daddy
And a picture with Aunt Jane and Uncle Lenny This is what happens after I stop running around I got to touch Sydney's feet
And I let her wear my shoes Daddy and Nana chased down the ice cream man so that I could have this treat Man, that's cold!
Cold, but good! Daddy got to hold Sydney - isn't she beautiful?!? I discovered trampolines this weekend
We went to a birthday party We listened to music and clapped our hands And crawled around in this big ball
I liked this little spot But of course, I ran around a lot! Cake time - believe it or not, I only ate a few bites
Mema got me some cool shades and a new hat Hi Mommy. Yes, I'm having fun. I don't know what you mean by spoiled, but I'm sure that's not what they are doing.  


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