Jordan Brooke

July, 2007


July was another great month! Come back in a few days for pictures from our family vacation

My first professional haircut Me and Aunt Mimi I like to tickle myself
Bradley and I went shopping I got to meet the Chick-fil-A cow, mooooo That was exhausting!
I played with Uncle Greg and Aunt Jenny at a bris (you will never believe what happens at a bris!?!) Daddy gave me a ride And I saw Bradley's Gaga too
Leslie Lubell couldn't believe how big I've gotten! And Aunt Bobo was there too Asher and Jonah and I were playing - I hope I didn't knock Asher down!
Reading a book to my big doggie Daddy and me Like my hat? I do!
I got my face painted at school This is a typical scene Elmo and I are jammin'
Steph came to see me Hello? Poppi? So your baby is going to college in Athens?  I hope I get to see her more often!
22 mos already? Yep, that's what they say Look!
Happy Birthday Daddy! I played with Frankie and Suzanne Silverman And I got my haircut again
This time I got to sit by myself in the chair Sadie and Hollis turned 1! I had a great time at their party, can't you tell?!?
I'm learning to relax on the couch! Aunt Joy and Me On the train at the airport - holding on tight
Daddy and me reading on the airplane I played with John Davis in Virginia Beach We watched the rain fall
Move over, I'm comin' in! Ooh, this is fun! I gave John a hug when it was time to leave.  See you next month!


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