Jordan Brooke

January, 2008



Elmo is ticklish I love to cook in my kitchen Eating and talking on the phone - I'm learning early!
Lounging on the couch I've mastered taking off my clothes Elmo and I had a New Years party
Dancing? I see a theme emerging Just being me
I'm learning to take pictures I took this one of Daddy But apparently I need some more practice
Greg and I were talking to my bear Silly hair My hands were cold, so I put on my mittens
Elmo needs a clean diaper Watching Dora Michael Ann and Wellborn brought Samson to play with me
I'm so excited its snowing! Samson liked it too!  Doesn't he look a lot like Bear? Ready to play in the snow!
This is fun! Mommy and I made a big snowball Look at our little snowman
I couldn't decide what to do next Now you see me Now you don't (notice I'm still wearing my snow boots)
Smile Aunt Mimi showed me pictures from Mommy and Daddy's wedding. I like to be upside down
Ring around the rosie We all fell down! Come on Daddy, lets do it again!
Aunt Jenny and I rolled the ball Here Uncle Greg, its for you We are having a tea party
Baby and Elmo and I spend a lot of time together I sat very still for my hair cut Aunt Bobo came to play
I put on Daddy's vest Ooops, I think I did something wrong Swinging at the park
I want to go "Super High" (yes, I really said that) I got Frankie's hat I tried to give it back, but he ran away
We played with the leaves All bundled up Me and my Mommy and Frankie and his Mommy
I went to a Tech Basketball game - go Jackets! Like my hat? Its my new favorite accessory Aunt Mimi and I had fun!


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