Jordan Brooke

January, 2007


Peek - A - Boo I love my PopPop (Happy Birthday PopPop) Cousin Belinda came over to see me
I love my doggie! My new crown - now I'm officially a Princess Here's my belly button
My friend Barri and I with our Daddies Doggie is thirsty - I'm giving him some milk Playing on the couch with Daddy and Uncle Greg
I'm learning to eat with a spoon I'm pretty good at getting it into my mouth But this is much easier!
My friend Max Paolozzi came over I gave him a hug Daddy!  You scared me!
PopPop - this is a little strange - swimming in January? That thing looks fun, I guess PopPop with his girls (except for Mema)
This is fun! Me and Aunt Mimi in the pool I like playing with my ducks
Mema is teaching me how to kick my legs And I even have a robe with my name on it Mommy finally got my hair in pigtails - aren't they cute!
I'm feeding my baby her bottle And putting her hat on Giving Daddy kisses
I'm 16 months old today And I'm still eating my blocks Taking a picture with Aunt Mimi's camera
Reading my Hanukkah book I love to run around with my truck Hmm, what do I want for dinner?
Hangin' out I guess I was hot during my nap And during the night


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