Jordan Brooke

February, 2008



I think Mommy's jacket is a little too big for me I'm taking care of my baby because she was sad (yes, that's really what I said) Oh look Daddy, that's you and Mommy
The day I decided I no longer wanted to sit in my high chair Like my new Georgia Tech hat?!? Me and My Mommy
Sadie and Hollis Shulman came to visit water break I brushed Daddy's hair
And Aunt Jenny's too Me and my doggie I love my new horse
We want to the circus I loved it! This was Mommy's favorite part - how do they teach those elephants to do that?!?
I went to a party at Chuck-E-Cheese Bradley and I played together I like anything with a steering wheel
Me and Bob the Builder Nana and Poppi came to visit and we went to the aquarium I thought I was taking pictures of the fishies (but that's actually Nana's phone)
This is in the penguin exhibit, but I don't see any penguins Look at that little one Nana! I got to touch these fishies - that was fun too!
That guy was feeding the fish Baby Ayla came to visit - and we took naps in the car Ayla and Jana were funny!
I had a great time with her I gave her kisses Aren't we cute?!?
Me and my Daddy and Ayla and her Daddy We all played in my house - I'm calling Uncle Lee to see if he wants to come play too Whew, all that playing made me tired!  See you next month!


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