Jordan Brooke

February, 2007


February was a great month!  We got a new camera, so get comfortable, this is a long one!

Me and my friend Shaw at school That's Max Me and Aunt Alyson
Can you see the floor?  I threw everything out of my crib And I took my shirt off. What am I doing here?!?
I love my Daddy!   This is timeout - this time I went there voluntarily
I like to drink out of my small cup I think I was clapping here I need some more water - I'll just help myself
oooooooaaaaaahhhhhh Me and my Mommy Us at bedtime
More please Bath time I like to play with the water
All wrapped up in my bunny towel.  Do you remember the first time you saw this towel? Can't catch me now! Night, night baby.
Me and my grandparents Playing pat-a-cake Nana and Poppi came over to play
Check out my pig tails - Mommy loves them! Nana read me a book And I gave Poppi 5
I'm 17 months old today I still love my doggie But I'm very tired!
I love you Daddy! I think I just woke up My bear makes a good pillow
I'm collecting my gears Bringing them over here And putting them on the base
OK, I'm done I got a new hat and mittens Hehe, that's funny
I love my piano I make great music with it First I step here
And then to the left And then to the right Just call me Mozart
Hello? Do you talk into this thing too? Caught in motion
I finally got all of the gears on And now I'm going to play some music We took a walk to the park
I'm so excited to go down the slides Here we go That was fun!
Again! This is great! I'm in heaven!
Me and Mommy on the double slide Lets go! Yeaaaahhhh!
Now with Daddy! Check out my wet jeans - oops! There were lots of different slides
I liked to watch Mommy go down too Will you stop taking pictures and let me slide?!? We took off my wet clothes before we went home
Uncle Lee, you are funny! Yes? Aunt Bobo came over and played with me
She read me a story Mommy loves to kiss me Me in my room
I think its time for bed I'm getting very tired Good night!


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