Jordan Brooke

December, 2007



I've learned to take off my clothes Cheese Mommy and I played Dreidel
I got this cool toy for Hanukkah - Roll Tide! And I loved opening presents Poppi and Daddy and Me
Flying home from Nana and Poppi's All that flying made me tired! I like to ride on Daddy's shoulders
I can peel my own bananas This is where I slept while I was adjusting to my big girl bed I'm doing much better now, but this is what it looked like from the hall
We baked muffins I was a good helper Mema made my poncho bigger.
I've grown a lot since she first made it for me. Look at me - I'm a big girl! Uncle Greg is very ticklish
All bundled up (and looking cute) I like to drive - I tell Mommy that I want to drive her car all the time! Daddy took me to a very fun place
There was a slide I went down it a lot Look how happy we are!
And there were things to jump in I call it the Jumpin' Place Poppi was there too
More sliding And some tickeling Its time to go home.  See you next month!


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