Jordan Brooke

December, 2006


Another fun month!  We moved to a new house and I've had a great time exploring it!  Happy New Year!
I love to run with my popcorn popper! Hey - that little girl looks a lot like me! I like to sit at my table and drink my milk
I can reach the doorknobs in this house - better watch out! MMMMMM, peanut butter! I went to a party with my family
Here we all are I'm playing peek-a-boo.  I bet you can't see me Daddy taught me to dance.
These clouds are like pillows I think I'll bury my head in them Anyone need an "S"?
I got an Elmo for Hanukkah We did the hokey-pokey together I can squeeze his hand and make him dance
I'm chillin' in my glider I'm 15 months old today Can you believe how big I am?!?
The Hanukkah candles are pretty Hmm, what's in here? Lets see how much I weigh
I found my belly button Aunt Jana and Uncle Brian came to visit and they brought Marley I showed Aunt Jana touchdown.
I can see myself in this window I like to run around pushing my toy box I like to pet Marley
She is a sweet dog Oooh, this looks fun! Aunt Jana, Marley and I hung out in my play area and Aunt Jana told me about the baby in her tummy - I'm so excited to have a new friend to play with!
I can sit on my stool Daddy makes me laugh I like to hug my big doggie too
Peek-a-boo! Here - you can have my shirt I got hot during my nap and took it off1
I love my Daddy! I'm learning to drink out of a cup - this one is just my size I am very good about taking my inhaler - it helps me breathe
I love my doggie - I got it for Hanukkah I take him with me everywhere Even when I give my Mommy hugs!
Do you like my new years hat? Where am I? Peek-a-boo and Happy New Year!


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