Jordan Brooke

August, 2007


I've been very busy baking! Nana and I were playing when something surprised us! I like to sing along with pat-a-cake bear
I saw Bradley at Aunt Joy's birthday party I gave him a hug Me and Mommy
Me and Aunt Alyson Max was there with his parents And Aunt Cherie was there too
Daddy sprayed Jared's face with the misting fan And Micah sprayed me - it felt good because I was hot! Just a minute Daddy - I'm VERY busy
Let me just turn this corner and I'll be good Me and my Daddy I ran around like a crazy girl before the laser show started
Look!  Its Elmo!  (We went to the Children's Museum) Aunt Mimi - that's Cookie Monster I was on TV with the Count
And Elmo I'm playing with a computer And listening to a story
Jumping up and down Sitting on the stairs at the Sesame Street exhibit with Mommy Driving a bus
Sliding down the slide This is fun! Pulling this rope makes the balls move
And this wheel makes my chair turn Mommy and I went fishing And I found another slide
Elmo and I on TV together, again I made some music And rocked in this little chair - I think I'm too big for it!
Aunt Bobo came to the festival with us This looks like a good seat! Kisses for Mommy
Me and Aunt Becky Max and I shared a snack And Erin and I shared a napkin
Bradley and I hung out at the pool We splashed each other And practiced "touchdown"
Erin and her Mommy, Aunt Cherie Me and some friends at the pool Yummy, popsicle.  See you next month!


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