Jordan Brooke

April, 2008




Mrs. Potato head is funny! Hello?  Poppi? I love to sing!
Making sure Kona eats all over he food I'm ready to drive See Mommy?  I don't need to wait til I'm 16!
Max, Bradley and me Playing duck, duck goose with Jared, Bradley and Micah Hangin' with the boys: Jared Reisman, Bradley Amato, Max Paolozzi and Micah Reisman
Bradley and I got rides from our Dads (while talking to Jeff) Devyn and I helped Aunt Jenny with her gifts Aunt Mimi let me borrow her shirt
Layin' on a box Layin' in a box Sammy and I celebrated Passover together
Want some matzo? Kona gives me kisses I like to pet her
I climbed in her cage Hoping I could help her learn to like it OK, I've had enough!


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