Jordan Brooke

April, 2007



I think there is some fuzz in there Got it, and I'm throwing it away I love my Poppi!
I enjoyed sedars Nana fed me Gefilte fish And I really liked it - Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe it!
Daddy is silly! Nana brought me a new toy Mmmmmmmmm grape juice
Ready to shop - Mommy is training me early! I love my monkey - thanks Uncle Greg and Aunt Jenny! I love my Daddy
But I also want some of his cookie I can drive 2 vehicles at once - I'm very talented Reading in my chair
Sharing my chair with Uncle Greg I fell asleep reading my book (with the Hanukkah candles in my hand) I was REALLY hungry!
Sometimes I get tired before dessert So I relax while I eat my fruit It works pretty well
I still like to wear my hat Sometimes I don't even make it to dessert I discovered some new toys at Hollis and Sadie's house
We went to the park - Sadie and Hollis can share a swing I like to swing And I like this little guy too
Sadie, Hollis and me Nana showed me how to flip over That was fun!
Apparently I was hot (those are my jeans under my pink doggie) Daddy and I playing in the pool Mema and I played with play-doh
Do I look like a big girl with Mommy's purse? I guess the Doggie gives me away Yummy jello
I'm 19 mos old today And I'm not eating my blocks How did Mema and Nana achieve that?!?
I like it when Mema reads to me I also like to play in my swing - who says I'm too big for it?!? My grandparents wore me out - I didn't make it through this meal either
Or this walk PopPop and I playing are in my house Am I hiding from him? Think he can see me?!?


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